One Size Does Not Fit All

In today’s increasingly complex and fast-paced QSR environment, leveraging the right tools for your operation can aid in providing the transformation necessary to directly impact performance.

Whether investing in new technologies or restoring your current technology, the reality is that your operation is unique and your needs likely don’t fall into the “one size fits all” category. System customization is a necessity to meet the goals you have for your drive-thru and POS operations.

Does your current drive-thru and POS equipment provider offer customized solutions for your business? It’s quite likely that your provider offers one make and a couple of models, instead of consulting with you to determine what is the ideal make and model for your business. When it comes to supporting that equipment after the investment, the service is expensive or less than desirable. And, you have to do it their way, not your way.

Selecting your technology and your solutions provider is like choosing a business partner. Confidence and trust in expertise and capabilities is essential. Thinking through your strategy and requirements will reduce costs and increase efficiency—reducing failures, ensuring compatibility with existing technology, and accurately addressing your organization's unique situation and needs.

Here are five steps to consider when you are considering a capital investment in drive-thru or POS equipment:

  1. Define the technology strategy. In this critical first step, determine your business needs by identifying a vision and objectives that set the groundwork for the next steps.
  2. Identify requirements. In this step, you develop a comprehensive set of requirements for your equipment by describing the needs of your organization and evaluating the current technology being used.
  3. Research and purchase technology. This next step involves the researching what is available in the market based on the requirements outlined in Step 2. The right provider will be able to consult with you and offer you options.
  4. Implement and train. Once the new drive-thru or POS technology is in place, develop a plan to train store managers and staff on using the system.
  5. Maintain technology and establish loss-prevention system. In the last step, you audit your back-up equipment, accessories, and evaluate success and opportunities for improvement.

If your drive-thru or POS equipment provider is a one-size-fits-all kind of business partner it may be time to look for another resource before you make another investment in your drive-thru or POS equipment. Select a business partner that believes in providing customized solutions instead asking you to settle for their one solution.


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